Everything went back to default

After my PC crashed, and restarted again, my statistics counter went back to zero and also my brave rewards went back to zero. Can someone fix this? My browser history and ad history is still there though.

is it windows 10 OS ??

Yes I think its winwows 10 why?

maybe it deleted some files in the C drive

I know Brave has lot of issues right now.They don’t have a username and password feature for syncing. Sync phrase don’t fit in practical life. I have also lost the stats many times.

is there a brave support or admin who could give me back the tokens? also there were BATs pending from last month that are gone now.

@mattches @steeven even can help you…

are they seeing this?

i have tagged them lets hope they see this.Many people tags them so they get busy with many people.

by the way do you use Brave as main browser??

yes its my main browser I like it the most, although I also have Vivaldi open sometimes, but dont really use that one

yes vivaldi is overwhelming in settings department…

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