Brave Browser on PC got reset

I don’t know what happened. Maybe my PC updated by itself but my Brave Browser on my Windows 10 was completely wiped clean of everything. From my bookmarks to my rewards, ALL OF IT. Can I get an assistance on how to retrieve all of my data back?

Hey LazyAndUnemployed,

Sorry to say, but due to how Brave works, most of that information is no longer accessible if that is the case. The only thing you might be able to recover is your BAT, assuming you have a verified wallet on Uphold.

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Yes, I do have it. It’s not that I have a lot in there but I’d still like to get it. After the (assumed) update, Brave gets reset every time I restart my computer. I tried that uninstalling the update but it it was still the same.

Is that just on your computer restart, or does it also apply to just closing and reopening the browser?

It’s just on pc restart

If I may ask, have you noticed this happening with any other browsers, or even other programs on a PC restart?

I made a thread on reddit (that got deleted soon after) and the replies before the post’s deletion was whether I was using a temporary profile. It appears that I was. I’ve fixed it now and am back with my working browser again. Thank you so much for your assistance. :grin:

Ah, well that solves that. Glad to see that the issue got solved for you.

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