I lost my brave stats

Brave was reset. All my accounts were logged out. But the browsing history was intact. All my brave stats and rewards were reset, and the rewards went back to normal as I gave get started. But I couldn’t get my stats back. I was about to hit 1 mil mark in ads and trackers blocked. It may look silly but I care about the matter.

So, it frustrates me that this reset happened without my intervention and I have been a loyal user for a couple of years. I would wish to get my stats back.
Help me… Help me!"
PS: I deleted the browser after the reset happened. Now I have re-installed it and seeking help.

Hello @quisa, thank you for reaching us out. Did you create another profile? Do you see something like this in your browser:


If so, try selecting the previous profile to see if your stats are still there. Hope this helps.


No, I haven’t . It was just gone one day.
And I panicked, So I hit the rest settings it didn’t come back.
So I uninstalled and reinstalled it didn’t come back.
Therefore, I was seeking help here.
PS: I didn’t think anyone would reply here, thanks for your regards

Hello again @quisa, That’s weird if this is the same profile, did you clear your cookies and cache recently? That could happen if you would have cleared your browser data in advanced mode selecting all the options such as password and sign in and form data, besides site and shield settings.

@Jarc-1107, I didn’t do anything. When I opened it was just gone.
Everything logged out, stats were gone only my browsing history was intact.
As I mentioned earlier I was about to hit 1 mil on the count. Maybe no one had ever hit that mark before, when I got to 1 mil brave happened to crashed I guess.
I’m not getting it back, innt?
PS: As I have said before, After this happened I did ‘Restore settings to their original defaults’ and later tried to uninstall and reinstall

Sorry to hear that again, there were too many trackers and ads blocked. Unfortunately there is not a way to return the stats back if they’ve actually been deleted. Is everything still working fine? Let us know if you experience any other issue with the browser so we will be happy to help. Regards.

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I am over 1.7M Trackers & ads blocked right now. I can’t imagine that being the issue. Reinstalling Brave is usually the only thing that resets stats for me.

Thank you for letting us know. Best Regards.

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