Brave profile reset after restarting computer, lost stats and BAT

I restarted my computer recently, and when I opened brave it started from the welcome window, my profile is gone from brave browser, the stats became 0, the wallet was removed, when I logged into rewards, this month’s rewards became 0.000BAT

Im using Windows 10, Brave Browser Version 1.25.68

I have received payments on time before, this is the first time this happened.



Did you reset your computer or merely reboot it?

@dannydev did you verified it is not a new profile?

@sunilrenukaiah Stop spamming for other browsers.

It was a normal reboot

I did not understand your question, are you asking me if the current new profile is verified?

no, I’m asking you if you checked that what you are seeing is another profile in your browser or not, I hope is more clear now

it seems that my old profile is lost, when I opened the browser, it was all new, but the history and other saved information is intact. Stats were all 0, BAT was 0 with no wallet added.

do you see something like this on your browser?

Nope,i do not see anything like that

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