Profile, Bookmarks, Passwords and all other Brave statistics lost

I shut down my computer yesterday afternoon (4/8/2020) around 2:30 p.m.Central time. I got back on (restarted) about an hour later. When I did, the Brave icon was still in my tray at the bottom however when i clicked it, it launched a new page and asked if i wanted to browse as a guest or create a profile. All my old browsing information was gone. Passwords, Bookmarks, History and Brave statistics. I tried a couple of things with no success. I saw there was a microsoft update yesterday, so i uninstalled that. it did not restore my old Brave profile. I chose a restore point previous to my shut down time and ran the restore, but that did not work either. Any Ideas???

Expected Result: Restore my old Brave Profile

**Brave Version 1.5.123 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:


I’ve been wondering this for a long time. Currently reinstalled ANOTHER time. Now another profile altogether and I’ve had ad blocking counts for months without one BAT registering. Yes ads are turned on and to the max. I’ve turned them on and off, cannot find first 3 profile I had to start all with SAME email address. Is there an easier way? We would try and engage more of our SOI if these things were fixed as we like Brave VERY mush. However SO many BAT earned and lost. What can be done? Praying for all during these perilous times. We are living Revelation to John and the cashless society as foretold in Revelation 13:17[date=2020-04-09 timezone=“America/Anchorage”]

This image taken last week. You can see I’ve referred many in my account and would like to do more but cannot in good faith until we tweek some things.

Exactly the same issue here. Also after microsoft update, where I agreed to new permission to sync across devices.

Can you make sure you have not created a new browser profile – orange box?


Thanks for responding

I saw that on the community. No Orange box. Not sure it is related, but in Windows, there is a folder called AppData where the Brave Browser user information is stored. It only shows my new profile with a creation date and time that is after my issue occurred. I am guessing that I may have been able to restore my old profile if I had not created the new profile. It probably wrote over it.


Maybe? When I tried to log in yesterday, the only 2 options were to customise logo or use guest profile. I tried both, then rolled back windows update KB4537572 and uninstalled and reinstalled Brave. This is what I see now

That’s interesting. It seems like my old profile was overwritten after windows update yesterday 10/4/20, and despite Windows rollback and reinstall of Brave today 11/4/20, the old profile is gone. I had lots of customisation and Bat rewards, is there any way to recover please?

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PLEASE HELP! If it’s not possible to get back my history I’ll be screaming bloody murder. Same as @tmasch - logged on this morning and was greeted with ‘make a profile’ directive. I want the previous version back! PLEASE HELP!! — choosing to use FIREFOX until I get a little help on this. TY!

I am also facing the same issue. after an update, I lost all my rewards earned so far, also lost all my settings and tabs in brave.

Does anyone have any ideas on this please? I have had to revert to Chrome, but really missing my Brave browser.

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