Error: Country mismatch (Uphold) After Resetting

I got the error message “Error: Country Mismatch” between Brave Rewards and Uphold. I read the related posts and I reset brave rewards profile. So right now both are Portugal but I can’t connect them. Still the same error: country mismatch.

I moved to Portugal 8 months ago and I got in touch with Uphold team and after KYC process they updated the country on my account. So that shouldn’t be a problem. But it’s not working.

How can I fix this problem?

Did you submit new passport or government ID from Portugal to them? If you just strictly updated your address but did not update photo ID, then this would be your problem. The API reports your country based on the passport you provided to Uphold.

Thank you Saoiray :sunny: You as a user can’t change your county information on Uphold. You need to submit your documents, and if Uphold approves them, they change it on your behalf.

So yes I did all of those :v:t3: and Uphold updated my county as Portugal.

Correct. Only thing I was making sure to phrase and ask is the type of documents. We’ve had Users argue before that they updated the information but then later on they revealed all they did was update their address. They never submitted a new passport for the country. It’s this little detail that makes a big difference.

It’s also because of this tiny detail causing conflicts that I’m going to request you also be very specific on your response. When you say you submitted the documents, did you submit a passport for Portugal along with it? Or what documents did you provide?

Many thanks for the clarification, Saoiray.

I did not take it upon myself because I carefully read all the messages from the Uphold team and sent the documents they wanted.

I sent these files to Uphold team:
utility bills
Internet/cable TV/home phone line bills
Government-issued resident ID [Portugal]

I hope I managed to provide the right info.

I appreciate your understanding.

Okay, so one last question and then a recommendation. You’re saying you chose Portugal for your country within Rewards, right?

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You can also kind of confirm this by going to brave://rewards-internals and looking to see what it shows for your Rewards country

If Portugal is indeed the country you chose and you have submitted documents to Uphold as you’ve mentioned, it should have been update and reflected via the API. Your next step will be to create a Rewards Support Ticket at and then reply here with the ticket number that arrives at your email. I’ll then tag one of the staff and hopefully they can try to help you in communicating with Uphold or will be able to look at what’s going on in regards to it still showing a Mismatch.

Thank you Saoiray,

I checked the URL and yes it’s PT (Portugal) So I created a ticket and it’s number: 184147

Thank you so much for your help,

This may not be enough. It all depends how Uphold guys are updating your data. Your “resident ID” proves you are a resident in Portugal, but it does not change your nationality. If they simply change your address, but they did not change your country of nationality, then the mismatch will remain, because this is the info the API provides to Brave.

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