Getting Error: Country Mismatch

I’m in UK (ENGLAND) and still get the same issue. There is something wrong in the way BRAVE is setting things up

@acosofret No, not necessarily. So you had posted this on someone else’s topic, but I moved it over to be your own topic. What I want to do is have you provide the following information.

  • You are saying you’re getting Country Mismatch, right?

  • Did you choose United Kingdom for your Rewards country? (verify this by going to brave://rewards-internals and see what country it shows)

  • When you created your Uphold account, which passport did you submit to them? I’m not asking about your proof of residence, I’m asking specifically about your passport. This is what Uphold uses for the API to know what country you’re in.

  • Also, on passport and all, do be specific. For example, there’s been people claiming territories as if they are part of a country. But territories and all don’t count. For example, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, etc are considered separately and not linked in as part of England or UK.

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