Mismatched_countries uphold/0ca2d

Description of the issue:

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation?

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Additional Information:

My Uphold account is in the correct country
My Brave account is in the correct country
I was connected to Uphold for a few months, then I was asked to connect again.

I get the message about mismatched countries when i try : mismatched_countries uphold/0ca2d

I didn’t find the Brave country and the Uphold country in this brave log, it’s missing a few informations I think that could help find the problem.

I won’t post more informations in public here, any private ticketing solutions for Brave problems?
Any idea on how to fix my issue?

You can check your Brave rewards country here: brave://rewards-internals/. It should match the country on the ID you used to verify your account with Uphold. Beyond this, I can’t really help except to tag @Saoiray in this post who is more clued up than me on the topic.

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As mentioned by @Thrive your country choesen in select region prompt should match the one of the nationality of your ID. It depends on ID.
So for example →
You chose US in the prompt, your nationality is canadian but you moved to the US. Even though you must have obtained your US ID, you submit it to Uphold. But still it shows up as Canadian since the Nationality cannot be changed. Uphold basically said that the ID can be submitted only once, you can have it submitted again but it will only change residence address and not your nationality. That is what I inferred from a post I read on having exact same issue.

@Saoiray Am I right about this ?
Lol, cant seem to be too sure so tagging ya!


Meaning that even though I live in the country A, if my submited identity papers are from country B, uphold placed my account on country B?

That would be kinda “stupeed” since I live by the rules and laws of country A, but that may be the problem. I’ve contacted them in a ticket but their answer looked pre-written and didn’t address the points I’ve explained in my ticket, I’ll try again and get back here if your idea is correct @SmartyAadi !


Yes, that is correct. It all relies on the ID you submit. Even if you prove you live in country A but ID is from B, API will only see your ID country, thats B.
Also, thought I’ll point that you have sorted this into the wrong topic. I’ll go and put it under the correct.
The correct one is ‘Brave Rewards’. Brave wallet is something totally different altogether.

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Yes and no. Just a FYI, it’s not that Uphold places your account to Country B, but that the API that communicates with Brave would only reveal Country B. The reason for this is your private information is kept only by Uphold and not shared with Brave. So Brave doesn’t see your full address, social security, or anything like that. The basic thing that gets shared with Brave to know which country you verify with is your passport or other photo ID.

In terms of Uphold though, they are often content with just you confirming your address for the new location and do not have to get you to update your passport except maybe under special circumstances.

I do think Brave is trying to work with Uphold to try to resolve this, but obviously issue here is Uphold making sure to share as little information about you as possible and for everyone to safeguard your identity and all.


Hi again to anyone still here after all this time

I finally got the uphold to understand ( or not?) the simple question about my “uphold country”, and they say it’s the same country as my “brave country”. So there shouldn’t be a problem, buuuuut…

As I’m pretty sure the uphold support was on another level of incompetence, and they just tossed a coin to reply, is there any way to get the complete API return from uphold to Brave when I try to match my Uphold acount?

Or is there a known date for a brave update to let us change our “Brave country”?

OK, found a solution

I went to brave://rewards/ hit “Manage”, then “Reset” all my Brave rewards.

I then chose the “wrong” country, as in my country on my ID, and not the country I live in that the wonderful Uphold support told me that yes of course my Uphold acount was linked to, and then the matching worked.

So : @Saoiray and @SmartyAadi and @Thrive thank you for you help, it was all as you said.

And Uphold… well, let’s say I won’t use them for anything more than BAT and I really really hope that Brave make a deal with another player.

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Glad you got sorted. I found it confusing too, but that’s the fix as you see!

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