Country mismatch

I have reinstalled windows on my computer and now when I try to connect my uphold account to Brave again I keep getting this error message.
I’m still on same country as when created. No changes at all.
Anyone to help please.

Hi Saoiray, thank you for your reply.

But in my case nothing has changed. I am an Italian passport holder living in UK for over 7 years. I created my account with brave and uphold many years ago. Absolutely nothing has changed on my circumstances. The only thing I did was reinstalling windows.

That would be a contradiction. When you chose your country, did you choose Italy or UK? If you chose UK but you have a Italy passport, then you’d be seeing mismatch.

Brave changed. This happened several months ago, if not longer. In the change it requires us to choose a country for Rewards. Then our Uphold/Gemini verification MUST match the country we chose. That was stated in the link I provided. I’m guessing this is where your issue is.

Thank you again for getting back to me.
When I set my brave account I chose UK, it has been the country I live in for over 7 years and used my Italian passport as I am not a British citizen although I am a permanent resident. As I mentioned before no issues at all until now I had to reinstall windows.
So basically to Brave eyes, I can never be an immigrant in order to have a brave rewards. That’s really annoying to say the less and keep this at good standards =D

I changed country to Italy, even though I am not living in Italy and worked, so I’ll sticky to that LOL

Yea. Cause the API only sees where your passport is from. If Italy you have to choose Italy in choose region options. Whenever you need to choose a region under Brave rewards, always choose the one of which’s passport you hold.