Having country mismatch error

All of my devices are in FR and linked to my uphold account successfully., I have this new device that I recently setup (also in FR) and refuses to connect to uphold because of “countries mismatch”.
I do have my Uphold account on FR.

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@ppm8 If you chose France as your country and you’re saying you also are France in Uphold but still are getting this, then most likely you used a passport or other ID from another country.

The primary information Brave sees from Uphold is which country you verified with on your passport or ID. So let’s pretend you used Canada passport and then went to France. You changed your address to France but you never submitted a France ID such as a drivers license, passport, or whatever…then Brave would still see you as if you’re in Canada.

Hi @Saoiray, I used a France ID for my Uphold account. How is it that Brave in other devices authorize linking with Uphold and this new device doesn’t? I haven’t changed countries since the first time I’ve used Brave (and Uphold).

@ppm8 I see. Then is it possible you didn’t choose France as your country on that one device? If you can, try to check brave://rewards-internals and see what it shows for your country.

Keep in mind, new browser updates had that moment where you had to select your country. If you’re getting country mismatch error then it’s saying the country you chose and the country on your Uphold doesn’t match. So it’s on one of those ends that there should be a problem.

I’m sorry, it seems to be neither of those ends.
My Uphold accound is based on France:

My phone and my old laptop show “FR” as my reward country on :

As well as the new device (PC) that is having the problem. What else could the issue be?

@ppm8 Ok. I’ll just ask once more to confirm. You’re saying all of the following, right?

  • The passport you used was from France.

  • You have other devices that can connect. It’s only this one device that can’t?

  • When you went to brave://rewards-internals on the device that is telling you Country Mismatch it shows France?

I’ll try to tag some Support later. You may also want to create a Rewards Support Ticket.

Just be advised it’s Saturday morning here in the United States as I’m responding and, as you know, tomorrow is Christmas. Support rarely is ever on over the weekend and with the holidays, some are on vacation. I’ll try to tag some over on Monday, but I’m not sure who might be around. Hopefully will be able to get you help right along. However, I want you to be aware it might be delays due to holidays.

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