Country missmatch with Uphold

Today I finally decided to verify my Brave Rewards using Uphold.
My nationality is Polish and I have Passport issues in Poland but I live in the UK and this is my country of residence.

When I click “Unverified” on Brave Rewards and I authorise to connect Uphold I get the country mismatch error.
I got in touch with Uphold and they confirmed that my Country of Residence is set to the UK and my “rewards internals” is telling me: “Rewards country: GB”

But somehow the system sees UK and GB as two different countries.

How can I fix this, please?

Did you do the Uphold verification process using Polish documnets ?
If yes, then thats the issue. Its because the API sees the nationality of documents submitted for KYC / AML and not the residence address. This is because, residential addresess is easier to fake than getting an actual government id.

So probably you’ll have to reset brave rewards. That will lose all your BATs though.

I will try that :+1:

Yea, that was exactly the case. I accepted the rewards lost and now it’s properly verified :slight_smile:

Do mark as solution then. Thanks!
Glad that I was able to help.

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