Uphold - Brave reward country mismatch

I am trying to connect my Brave rewards to Uphold and it appears the country mismatch.

I checked with the Uphold support and my Uphold acount is registered in Portugal, same as the Brave Rewards acounts but it continues with country mismatch.

How could I solve this issue without resetting Brave account and losing the BAT?

Thanks and regards.

Go to brave://rewards-internals and check in general info tab, what region you have selected. If it is not Portugal then unfortunately you will have to reset brave rewards and choose the country for your origin of KYC for Uphold.

Brave is in Portugal

Rewards country: PT

Okay. Did you use ID from Portugal to do KYC / AML at Uphold ?

No. ID is from Spain,. Uphold confirmed that account is registered in PT.

Answer from Uphold support:

After reviewing your account, we see that you completed your IDV with an ID from Spain, however, your account is still registered and showing as being from Portugal

That is the catch. Brave’s API with Uphold only sees where your ID is from and also it’s the only thing which Brave can actually access from Uphold for security. So if the ID is from a country other than the one you chose in rewards prompt, then this issue occurs.
There’s two ways to go round this. You could ask Uphold to update your ID to a portugese one, you’ll have to do KYC/AML with Portugal’s ID if you have any.

The 2nd one will be to reset brave rewards and choose Spain to be able to connect to Uphold.

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