Region Mismatch And Uphold Cannot Fix

I’ve been trying to connect to my verified Uphold, I checked Brave’s country and it’s set to US using brave://rewards-internals
However there’s a mismatch because my Uphold account says a different region due to me verifying with a non US passport (even though on the passport it states that the country I am from is US and provided a US address, along with US SSN). I contacted Uphold support (ticket#3277293), and after speaking with Beverly, I was pushed to a supervisor agent in the senior department, where they told me that they are unable to change the region at this moment on my account, but to contact Brave to see if there was anything that could be done. I have a lot of BAT that I don’t want to be lost on October 30th.
Is there anyway I can be accommodated since I have proof of citizenship?

Nope. Brave can not do anything in this case. Only Uphold can solve the issues.

I just tried to connect my newly created Uphold account to Brave Rewards.
The connection was refused by Uphold stating:
“Your Uphold account can’t be connected to your Brave Rewards profile at this time. Your Uphold account is registered in a country that’s not currently supported for connecting to Brave Rewards.”
However, Portugal is clearly mentioned in the " List of supported regions", under nr. 45.
What can you do about this?

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