"Country Mismatch" after moving to another country

I moved from Ireland to Canada last September. Before that, I had my rewards wallet verified with Uphold and was getting reward payments in my Uphold wallet. At some point after moving here, Brave asked me to set my rewards region, which I set to Canada. Since then, my wallet is showing as unverified. Now, when I try to verify, I get the country mismatch error.
I contacted Uphold support to change my region to Canada, for which I had to submit Canadian ID and proof of address. Even after this, I’m still getting the error. Their support said to contact Brave support here, so here I am.

The API can take some time to update information on its end. Since you say that you updated it with Canadian ID this problem shouldn’t be occurring. Are you sure you submitted ID ?
Anyway better to tag someone from support I guess, @SaltyBanana @Evan123

It’s been about 36 hours since the change was made. I’ll try again tomorrow morning and see if there’s any difference.

Yes, Uphold support sent me a verification link to take pictures of my ID, as well as a page to submit proof of address.

Good point - thank you!

Normally does happen in 24 hrs or so but worth to wait till 48 I guess.

Which country do you see at brave://rewards-internals/ ?

It must match the one defined in Uphold.
If it is different, you need to reset your rewards wallet. You will loose any estimated rewards when you reset.

Still getting the same message. Hasn’t quite been 48 hours yet, though, so I’ll try again then.

Rewards country: CA. Uphold is also set to Canada.

Could you just confirm with Uphold that your nationality is canadian and not just your proof of residence ?

Hi Tenshar, all your BAT is inside your Uphold account already right? If so, just go ahead and reset your Brave Rewards (brave://rewards > Manage > Reset), and select Ireland. Then it’ll match up fine. Even though you’re living in Canada, you’re kind of an exception, since country mismatch is based on ID document country.

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@chriscat doesn’t submitting ID change nationality to Canada ?
Cause earlier it was just an issue when they just used to change the residence but submitting ID used to fix that quite well, so why not here ?

I’ve just asked them to confirm. I’ll post again when they respond.

No, unfortunately there is some BAT in my rewards wallet I’d like to move to Uphold.

I contacted Uphold support to change my region to Canada, for which I had to submit Canadian ID and proof of address

It sounds like Uphold just changed your residence country to Canada, but it’s not clear.

Our systems care about ID country, rather than residence country. So, I think @tenshar still appears as Ireland, and should therefore set his Rewards country to Ireland.

@tenshar If you want to test, create a different browser profile, set Ireland, then try to connect your Uphold account. If it works, then you know Ireland is the correct country to set.

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@chriscat You mentioned your systems care about ID country. Does it also require citizenship to match? At the moment, I’m still an Irish citizen.

The thing is, I’d like to be able to keep the BAT I currently have in my unverified wallet, by verifying. So, even if I test and determine that Ireland is indeed the correct country to set, I’d have to reset my wallet, thereby losing the BAT. I’d much rather find a fix for whatever the problem is on Uphold’s side (if any), so that I can verify with my browser profile set to Canada.

After some more back and forth emails with Uphold Support, here’s the information I gathered.

  • It’s not possible to update the ID in your Uphold account to another country. There is no official statement on whether or not it will be possible in the future.
  • Only one account per user is permitted. If you close your existing account and open a new one, you may have trouble with the verification process.

So, clearly, the ID country is still set to Ireland in my Uphold account, and it can’t be changed, despite them asking for ID (in addition to proof of address) when I changed my account address to a Canadian one.

I’ve already transfered all of my assets from Uphold to a hardware wallet. So, I am going to test that second point by requesting the closure of my existing Uphold account and creating a new one using Canadian ID. If I have trouble with verification, I’ll contact support and see what they can do. I will post the results here (and/or update the original post), in case anyone has similar issues in the future.

It worked. No issues whatsoever, during verification or otherwise.
So if anyone has the same problem, here’s what worked for me.

  • Withdraw all assets you have in your Uphold wallet.
  • Close your Uphold account. To do this, open wallet.uphold.com and click the following in the navigation bar on the left:
    • MoreProfileClose account
    • Follow the prompts to close your account.
  • Open a new account. This time, verify it with the ID from the country that matches the country you selected in Brave Rewards (brave://rewards-internals). You may have to use a different email address.
  • Verify through Brave Rewards, as normal.

If you do run into any problems, I’m sure Uphold support can help you out. They’ve been very responsive for me.


That’s great. But be careful for emails you might get or log in to Uphold app and check once in a while if any notifications are there.
As for creating a second account, I’ve heard many cases of they being able to make an account but after some time Uphold noticed it and closed their account.

Hello, I have the same problem, I’m live in France there, I checked my uphold account, but it always puts me that the country is not taken into account in the rewards, and I don’t have one not for months. What to do to unlock?? thank you

Could you elaborate on the issue ?
If it says region unsupported then its probably because you submitted KYC / AML documents for Uphold from a country not listed at

No, my uphold account is verified, I have done the KYC and it is accepted and validated. But despite this, in terms of my rewards on Brave, it still puts me in an unlisted country.

What country are you from ?
Also what is your nationality ?

I am from Benin, and I live in France now, I have already done the kyc with uphold but my brave account is always unverified, and every time I try to link to my uphold account, it refuses.