Editing name and folder of new bookmarks

I appreciate that the “choose another folder” button was put inside the folder dropdown again. What I don’t appreciate is that when you make a new bookmark, you have to press “edit” before you can change the title or folder. For me this adds an extra click almost every time I make a bookmark, which I do dozens of times per day. And what’s the upside of this change? I don’t think making the bookmark pop-up slightly smaller is a worthwhile improvement to anyone.


Thank you for reaching out and welcome to our Community.

I agree completely — this appears to be something inherited from the Chromium upgrade that came in the last browser update. I have opened the following issue for the developers to review and have included your thread in the issue:


Workaround for me is to double click the bookmark button, bookmarking it on the first click, then getting the old “Edit bookmark” dialog on the second click.


created a account just to say this too. please return the old way. this new way is a downgrade


Thanks for the tip. I think this will definitely help some people.

Unfortunately for me, I have decades of muscle memory of using Ctrl+D, so will continue to be frustrated by this poor decision of the Chrome Devs.

This seems to be a trend to bury useful settings and features behind multiple clicks that the normal user wouldn’t find easily. I almost opened a ticket just the other day about the number of clicks it takes to clear all cookies from a website. This should be two clicks at the most, but is a minimum of four and many more depending on how many cookies are set.

This is something I use frequently and believe there should be a quick option to clear “All cookies” from a site with minimal effort.

Thanks again, and sorry for the rant.

Edit: There is a “temp” fix posted in the link above posted by mpql.

A temporary work-around is to paste chrome://flags/#simplified-bookmark-save-flow into your address bar and set the highlighted setting, “Simplified Bookmark Save Flow” to Disabled.

I say “temporary” because these settings are removed sometimes.


this solution worked for me. thanks for posting

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Unnecessary UI Changes like this one was the final straw for me to switch from Chrome to Brave, i really hope this gets reversed in Brave. :slight_smile:


I’m all for innovation but this feature feels like a step in the wrong direction.


The “Simplified Bookmark Save Flow ” to Disabled " Doesn’t fix much = as you still have to go back to the original “bookmark click - bookmark - and remove.”

Total mess - 4/5 extra clicks, and have to use memory of orig bookmark.

I make documentaries and need 20 bookmark folders and move between them every minute.


What are you trying to compare it to? Bookmarks have been like that for years. It’s not like you just one click remove. There were a lot of issues from that. So it’s click on it → remove. (just 2 clicks, not sure where you’re saying 4-5 extra clicks?)

Ok. It has changed alot - now it works like this :

  1. I click the bookmark, it auto saves it to “the last bmark folder I used.” If I click remove it removes it and the popup dissapears!! Before it didn’t.

  2. So - I have to find the folder I want - bookmark it - then go BACK to the “first click bookmark auto folder” - and remove.


  1. I click bookmark icon - nothing was saved until i click done - I could change folder / choose folder - THEN click done (save/bookmark).

Bro - where have you gone. It’s an obvious change - click icon and it auto saves to last bmark folder. It never used to do this - could choose first.


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What? No you don’t. Relaunch the browser and it’s back to the old one click, either choose another folder or press done.

I guarantee you - it’s changed. See screenshot.

I click bookmark icon once - now it’s filled in (more grey than the before ‘more white’). Before it was not filled until I clicked done. Now it auto bookmarks to “last prior used bookmark folder.”

This is from 1 click >

it did it again in the newest update, but now the " Simplified Bookmark Save Flow" in

no longer works
why is this happening?
Am I forced to use ealier versions of brave now because chrome simply hates us?

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They just changed this again. The solution I used last time has been undone/overwritten now. Please @brave stop doing this.

Anyone know how to get it back to how it was?

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if you ever find out let me know been looking around for far too long and still haven’t found a way

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Same here. It really getting n my nerves, Why they do that.

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Anyone figure this out yet?