The new way to select bookmark folders when bookmarking a website

I have a lot of folders and sub folders, the new way you have bookmarking websites require you to click more and more times to get to the folder I want to put the bookmarked website in. Please stop making us click more and more every new Brave Browser version when we have to select a folder for our bookmark. It defeats the purpose of having the drop-down menu to begin with. It has made it harder to select sub-folders every time you update this part, it was fine many versions ago and you keep changing it to require more clicking to get to the bookmark folder we want to place it in. I have included a picture to visually show the differences and why it now requires 1 or 2 more extra clicking to get the folders I want. It was fine before the update.


Thanks for the report — I just responded to another thread on this here:


Hey found this on reddit and it seems like it works just need to in address bar disable the option and relaunch browser. brave://flags/#simplified-bookmark-save-flow


Unfortunately there is no such flag on mobile version…

Thank you. I signed up to this forum just to complain about this issue. Your tip helped clear my frustration with the changes :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. This has been driving me batty.

This option has now been removed unfortunately :unamused:
I hope it will be rerturned to the old one quickly!

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