Adding a Bookmark doesn't give complete dropdown menu choices like before

When we go to add a Bookmark, the drop down menu of folders on the left side is gone. It used to be there until a week or so ago. It takes 3 clicks to get there now, to save a website to the right folder.

We’ve had a few requests for this — filed this issue for our devs to review here:

Before posting this, I DID search for others like it and couldn’t find it. Thanks for forwarding it on to the ‘fix it fellows’. Plus, I don’t know all of the proper lingo.

OK…Thanks…appreciate it.

I switched back to Brave DEV and it has the drop down menu for saving, plus, I can play Youtube videos without them being blocked by Youtube becs of the Brave ad blocker. I was having to log out of my Google account which meant I didn’t get my subscription notifications. I hope the Devs can get Brave fixed on these 2 issues.

I had to give up DEV becs not being supported. Am using BETA. Still no quick and easy drop down window to save a favorite. Instead, it has an additional step. There takes 4 steps to save in to a folder of my choice. Is this on the radar of the Dev-er’s? At least I can play Youtube videos w/o the annoying pop up ad.

From the main thread about the problem, it’s unlikely to change.

Although you can get the functionality back with this extension.

And don’t forget you can modify the shortcut here

I used Ctrl + D

Thank you. Why they changed it beyond me! I installed the extension. I don’t understand ‘modifying the shortcut’.

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