Adding a Bookmark doesn't give complete dropdown menu choices like before

When we go to add a Bookmark, the drop down menu of folders on the left side is gone. It used to be there until a week or so ago. It takes 3 clicks to get there now, to save a website to the right folder.

We’ve had a few requests for this — filed this issue for our devs to review here:

Before posting this, I DID search for others like it and couldn’t find it. Thanks for forwarding it on to the ‘fix it fellows’. Plus, I don’t know all of the proper lingo.

OK…Thanks…appreciate it.

I switched back to Brave DEV and it has the drop down menu for saving, plus, I can play Youtube videos without them being blocked by Youtube becs of the Brave ad blocker. I was having to log out of my Google account which meant I didn’t get my subscription notifications. I hope the Devs can get Brave fixed on these 2 issues.