Editing name and folder of new bookmarks

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The answer is this is something done by Chromium. Brave inherits a lot of its design from upstream, as handled by the chromium team. Much of Brave is just repackaged chromium with a lot of little changes.

When asked about this before, it was said Brave didn’t have enough employed to handle a lot of the lifts required for the many requests people have on the UI. Essentially the developers working on Brave put a higher focus on the engine and privacy behind Brave and leave the bulk of the UI alone, passing to users whatever chromium decides.

At least stripping things down, that’s where we stand. And as I know has been told to me in the past by various people working at Brave, we would have more luck seeing changes to UI and UX, if we create issues with it over at chromium.

Perhaps @rebron2000, @sampson, or @clifton can shed some better insight and phrasing to it. Especially since I’m speaking off of information received more than a year ago. Yet I’m pretty sure they still don’t have the staff needed for all the things needed for UX that people are requesting. As such, Brave has to prioritize things and sometimes little changes like bookmark flow doesn’t rank as high on the list as security, privacy, or compatibility concerns.

Using this extension saved my sanity.

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I used Ctrl + D

Still hoping for a fix

NOTE: An FYI for everyone

I highly doubt there’s going to be any movement on this. Brave doesn’t have a lot of developers and little things like this are usually considered inconsequential. Even looking at the Github it was tagged as a Feature Request and was not assigned a priority level. With no priority level assigned, it means they aren’t having any developers assigned to look into it and it’s not on the roadmap to fix. It’s just there to consider when/if they ever want to circle around to it.

To be blunt, this most likely will need to be an upstream fix. So one of those things where people have to go to https://www.chromium.org and report it there. They have more developers working on the project and it’s usually a lot easier to get done through them than Brave’s smaller force downstream.

Here is the upstream Chromium bug for this. Feel free to upvote & add your comments as I just did. It seems someone was assigned to it on Feb 1st.

I have also verified that the workaround is no longer an option, as the flag was removed from Chromium, and thus Brave as well.

[41496433] New “simplified” bookmark save flow is worse than the previous one in every scenario

Seems like they have assigned someone to it. P3, which is a lower priority overall, but at least has a priority to it to review and figure out how they want to handle it.

I think the big trick here in reviewing notes is that this was a planned obsolescence by them. So now it’s just going to be a matter of noise (user feedback) to try to get them to add it again in some form or fashion.

This no longer works Brave is up to date

Version 1.63.169 Chromium: 122.0.6261.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’m closing this topic as it’s something of a duplicate. This is being worked on. You can see similar topic at Bookmark Manager is Too Complicated

And Github links are below:

Fix is incoming.

This is fixed in 1.63.174 in release channel and available now. brave://settings/help to update.