Bookmarks in Brave mobile do not work properly. Do not show already added bookmarks and allow edit. Do not save to last folder

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Description of the issue:
2 main Bookmarks issues in Brave mobile browser:

  1. when a site is already bookmarked, it does not appear so. When I click “add bookmark”, it adds a new bookmark instead of editing the existing one. This makes it hard to edit a bookmark title, or to know if I already bookmarked a site or not. It also adds multiple copies of bookmarks when I click add bookmark, instead of just one.
    This is not normal behaviour for desktop Brave, nor for other mobile browsers.

  2. When I add a bookmark, it does not add to the previous folder I had bookmarked in. This is the normal behaviour in the Desktop (and of Chrome). Not bookmarking to the previously saved-to folder forces me to select the desired folder each time I add a bookmark. Pretty annoying.

FYI I am using Brave bookmark sharing between my mobile and my desktop.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Any time I try to add a bookmark ok mobile.
  2. Any time I want to edit a bookmark.
  3. Any time I want to check if I have already bookmarked this site before

Expected result:

  1. If I have already bookmarked a site, it should indicate that visually when I press the “…” button. Instead of saying “add bookmark”, it should say “edit bookmark”, as it does for all other mobile browsers.
    OR, at least there should be a visual indicator showing it is already bookmarked. In the Desktop version, the bookmark button on navigation icon is shown as solid black instead of an outline.

  2. When I add a bookmark, it should automatically go to the folder of the last bookmark I added. If I want to change the folder, that is an option, but the default should automatically do this. This is what the desktop version of Brave does, as well as Chrome mobile.

  3. When a site is already bookmarked and I click on add bookmark or edit bookmark, it should not create a new bookmark. Instead it should edit the existing one. (This is the behaviour in Brave desktop when I press Ctrl-D).

Since this behaviour is different from Bravr desktop (and Chrome mobile), I assume it’s a bug.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.56 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone 11, iOS v 16.6

Additional Information: