Don't save the Torrent file, just directly open it with favorite torrent client

Hi, is there a way to directly open the torrent file with favorite torrent client instead offering to save the Torrent file first, and then search for it where it was saved to double click on it and then to open with the desired torrent client?
I do not find this any were, please help resolve this.

Follow my instructions from the thread below:

Hi Rethanis, thanks for your reply. I have installed the version: Release Notes V1.26.77 (July 16, 2021) → shouldn’t be included in this one as well?

Shouldn’t have any issues configuring Brave to always open files of that type.

OK. but I really don’t find this configuration in Settings. Can you please explain where is this setting location and how to configure it? Much appreciated.

Don’t browse browser’s settings.

  1. Download a random .torrent file.
  2. You should see the .torrent file in the downloads bar at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the arrow → Always open files of this type .

Cool! Thanks so much for your help!
I was using other browser to open torrent files until now. Thanks man!