How to open torrent files and magnet kinks

Hello friends, I just installed Brave browser, I like it very much… but unlikely other browsers, it doesn’t open torrent files and magnet links… it is opening these in a new tab… I don’t understand what it is doing???
So, where can I find these settings??

Hi @paulbb,

Brave have Torrent viewer built-into the browser. Currently, there’s no switch to disable it if you want use your 3rd party torrent app.


Thank you @eljuno for your reply… but I think it will be much better with some options to handle some kind of files with their proper aplications… Brave browser isn’t a peer-to-peer client downloader!
I like a lot this browser and I hope the Brave team will improve the functionallity…
By the way… what is wrong on Youtube? Everything works perfect but I’m not able to watch any video in fullscreen mode… Is it any permission required for this? I was looking for in settings,everywhere… nothing! So, any help about this problem it will be great!
Thank you.

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