Change file type association for .torrent files

Running Brave on iMac, all software at current release. When I try to open a .torrent file I want the Transmission app to open. Transmission is associated with .torrent files on my machine. But Brave insists on opening a different torrent app (qbtorrent). How do I make Brave open the correct app? [If I delete the second torrent app Brave does what I want it to do but that seems a bit extreme.]

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That definitely is extreme and I do not think you should have to do that. I believe the browser is doing this because at some point you clicked a prompt checkbox that said Always open .torrent files in this app? , so it is behaving correctly. It’s just a matter of changing that setting.

Let me see if I can find out the proper steps to reset this setting.

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Yes, I did that simply to get the .torrent file onto my system so that I could use Finder to associate it with Transmission rather than qbtorrent. That has worked in the past but I recently reinstalled Brave from scratch and the link was lost. All help is appreciated.


To clarify – you are wanting to disassociate the browsers choice to open file types of this kind, correct? Further, un/reinstalling the browser didn’t do this automatically?

I just installed the new update, Version 1.30.89 Chromium: 94.0.4606.81 (Official Build) (x86_64), and the problem went away.

Thanks for the help.

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