Downloads(ability to always open files when download is done, like auto open torrent downloads so its added to utorrent automatically)

Ability to open downloaded files automatically as soon as the download gets done, for example, if i download a torrent, i have to manually click it, but if i were to save always “open while its done” , the downloaded torrent will be automatically added to the utorrent.

you can keep this ability by customizing it (like videos, photos, documents, torrents so for what category people want the downloads to be opened automatically they can add them separately, if they don’t want videos, photos to not be opened automatically they can keep the default behavior which is “Don’t open”)

i also think there should also be a new option for “Auto retrying the failed downloads(Auto resume) which resulted in network error”

Already exists, to an extent. It’s actually your desktop setting rather than a browser setting. Only thing you can adjust on Brave is whether you want it to ask to download or if it automatically starts. go check out Open Gmail attachment Outgoing email - #4 by Saoiray

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