Discrepancies in Referrals Breakdown for 5 months

Hello there, first I would like to say thank you for your awesome work. I truly believe in Brave and have been for more than a year now! As such I have been promoting it as much as I could :slight_smile:

I have seen some discrepancies in my Referrals Breakdown though lately (in statements), compared to what I’m truly given. It only happens for referrals so I guess this is not a duplicate of Tips not received in Uphold or Brave Reward Statement History (I just checked again before writing this).

For example one month it says I’ve gained 900 BAT, but just above I’m only given 280. Not sure if it’s a bug or if there’s something I’m not understanding correctly there :fearful:

I have those differences since the January payment, here is an example from the February one:

I cross checked with Uphold and I did indeed receive 281 BAT that month (and also the 25 from contributions but it’s not the subject here, that part is fine). So why does it say I’ve earned 904 BAT just below if I’m given 281 ? :thinking: :worried:

It says it can be “rolled over to the next month”, that’s the part I’m not sure to understand correctly. I’ve checked all payments since January and the numbers don’t add up, there’s always less sent than in breakdowns, there’s clearly a conflict somewhere. I’ve correctly received all my payments up until now (including the May one).

I’m of course willing to provide any information that you may need to check that further :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

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