Tips not received in Uphold

I am newbie to BAT Community. I have a website which provides API for users for free, so I usually get some tips from users (not from BAT, but other sources like GitHub sponsors, etc.).

I registered the BAT Creators project on 2020/02/24. For these 2 months, I get some rewards, but not too much, so I do not pay too many attentions to this. However, today when I checked the Statements on BAT Creators page, I found that I have many tips from users.

I published my services (API) on January, so that is the month that I got most of the users and tips. As mentioned in the dashboard, those tips should directly go into my Uphold accounts. But, in fact, I only received tips after the registration. The tips before my registration (January) did not go into my account.

I have already searched in the forum, but it seems that not many people have the similar problem. Is there anyone have some suggestions?

P.S. I only received the payments of Mar 2020 - Apr 2020, the rest of which are all gone.

Thank you guys in advance!

I have seen many other people have the same question. Originally I posted this in the BATCommunity, which is not maintained as I supposed, so I posted it here.

Now I find many people have the same problem. Is there any solutions to this?

As I can tell, in the response from the Brave server, publisherId is exactly mine publisher ID. If it is not my tips (according to this thread), is there anything wrong with Brave’s backend to response these data?

There seems to be a minor issue around displaying “Direct User Tips” on the Statement dashboard. We’re currently investigating and working through the issue.

In the meantime your Uphold account will have the most up to date information about the direct user tips you have received and you should be able to click on “Activity” in the Uphold Card and view information about tips sent directly to your account.

As mentioned above, in the Console of the browser, publisherId shows that those records in the Statement belong to me rather than others. If there is something wrong with this data, do you mean that this data are generated wrongly in the backend (server’s or database’s side) rather than “minor displaying issue” on the frontend (browser side)?

Furthermore, the transaction history in Uphold account does not show:

  1. Tips before I registered as a publisher,
  2. For me (and many other publishers), we have verified as a publisher, but on the Android/iOS side, all of our sites are shown as “Not yet verified”. As I can tell, I tried to tip me some BAT in the iOS browser, but that amount of money will never go to my Uphold account.

So, why I can trust the Uphold transaction record? And what’s wrong with Statement I’m Brave side?

Hey there @Blanker, the backend server was incorrectly reporting information regarding “Direct User Tips” to the frontend. A fix has been a fix deployed. Please try logging in and viewing your statement and let us know if things look okay.

I’ve waited patiently for the Brave publisher payment process. But when the process is finished no Bat will enter my uphold account? What does this mean?

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