BAT amount not reflecting accurately after confirmed referral

Hi Team,

Just started out with my referrals, and i have 4 confirmed referrals for the month of April, but BAT amount is not reflecting accurate amount to be given for 4 confirmed referrals, what will be the best course of action to take on my end.

Thank you for your assistance in advance.


Can you elaborate more about this? :point_up:

Hi @eljuno ,

Thanks for your reply, Last April 12 i already got 102.48 BAT for 3 confirmed referrals and on April 13 i got 4 confirmed referrals but my BAT amount is still reflecting the same as the time when i only got 3 Confirmed referrals, i was assuming that the BAT amount that i have will increase because of 1 confirmed referrals added to my account, thank you!


Hi @eljuno,

Any update regarding my inquiry ?


Apologies for late response @Markgelzo21.

cc @asad @steeven for assistance here.

Hi @Markgelzo21! Thanks for reporting. Can you DM me the email linked to your Creator account?

Dear Friends, i am facing a similar problem. I Know that some referrals use for more that 30 days brave even after that i can get any confirmation from march instalation. Can you please help me too. Thanks!

Please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks @marlonrojash.

Hi @steeven,

I’ve DM you the email link to my Creator Account, thank you for your assistance.

Dear Friend any update about this?, a do not get any answer. Thanks!

Hi im new here,whats the difference between the confirmed,installed and downloaded?will the number of my referrals will be base on who confirmed,installed and downloaded it?thank u in advance

Hi @Maryjoy1982,

Download is when someone download the Browser, Install is when someone install and use the Browser they download from your referral link, confirmed is when they use the browser for 30 days and that’s when you are going to get your referral reward.

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So it means eg. i had 5 downloads and 4 installed…it wouldnt matter unless they are all confirmed users of brave and before i received my referral rewards?thnx

Yep, That’s pretty much it, They have to reached confirmed level for you to have the rewards, but Brave is a good browser, it’s easy for brave to make them stay :smiley:

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Sorry friend did you get any answer about the problem you report?

Yes i now understand…thank you

Not yet, Bro. @steeven suggested to disconnect and reconnect my uphold account, but it is still the same.

Oh thanks I try the same solution but not work. @steeven , @Asad

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