Brave Reward Statement History

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Why my BAT Rewards received is different in Brave Statement History shows

Brave Statement History

BAT Rewards Recieves.


Because the statement is also include the “Direct User Tips”.

Direct tips mean when the tippers (is that the correct term?) have an Uphold account connected to their brave:rewards wallet. And when they tipping a verified creators, those tips will be directly deposited to your Uphold account under “yourchannelname” card.

While BAT shown in your account is all contribution that you received from non-direct tips, auto-contribution, monthly contribution, and referral. And it’ll be deposited to your “XRP card”.

Hope that make it clear for you.

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Thank you for the clarification, but I don’t have anything received coming from the tip to my Uphold Account, As you can see no Payment Date indicate, How can I received this TIP to my Uphold Account

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I asked the team for more information regarding this. Will get back to you asap. :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much,

Ill wait for the solution, as you see base on my Statement since September “No Payment Date” indicated so I didn’t receive anything from the tip.

I am facing the same problem, even the same numbers, what does this mean?, I checked my account for brave creators, and found that I have many monthly payments that I haven’t received, is there any error or problem?
I will include a screenshot of the Brave Creators account Statements as there is no payment date

So @wittycrypto,
I saw that you have XRP as your deposit currency. And because of this, you should see the balance in your channel name XRP card.

You received _x amount_ from Uphold member was a transaction for direct tips.

I have the same question, I’m impressed in total I have like 430 BAT, and that’s 90€ lol

@eljuno Yes I should see the balance in my channel name XRP Card like my referrals that I already received for May 8 Pay-out, but I don’t have anything receive from this TIPS indicated in Statement or maybe this Statement from direct tips is Bug in reality we didn’t receive anything from the tip that’s why our uphold account receive nothing.

The problem is solved bro ??
cause i get same problem

Can you check your transaction history for April? History in your Uphold dashboard, not the specific card activities. @wittycrypto @endopublisher☝️

Until now im only have 2 Transactions in Uphold

That’s your specific card activity. I’m referring to activities history shown on your Uphold dashboard ( – “Recent activities” at the bottom of the page. There will show all activities in your Uphold account.

Like this ?

@eljuno This is All my Uphold Activities.

@mandar, Please we need you to check this issue. Thank you.

I have the same problem. No payout for Februar and March to Uphold from direct tips

I have the same problem I check uphold history transactions, and I only have the ads and brave publishers, but I haven’t received more BAT, I only have 2 transactions from brave publishers

i have the same problems, statements for 10 months but no BAT received to uphold account.

i have the same issue, i see direct tips in statements with no payment date and there is none of them in uphold

i am also still waiting for this to be tackled by someone