Brave Payment Arrived but instead of 9 bat i recived 7 bat

My Payment on Uphold arrived early and instead of 9 bat i recived 7 bat is this a Bug ??

Same here, third month in a row where the payout amount was less than the indicated payout amount and the difference between the two just disappeared into thin air.


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Yeah i don’t know man because that happen even on the previous rewards

It always happens to me too. My October payout is 10.188 from the overall I got of 10.208 (estimated since I didn’t record before the month ends). The remaining BAT left in “earning” is .020 as base and adding it up will net you the same amount as payout. But once the payout date comes it will always decrease. In my case, from 10.188 I only got 9.750 now short of .438 BAT. I also notice that what i got is always a round off to the nearest digit. So looking up my balance its always add up to 5 every month.

I have a similar problem on my pc and phone.

Not sure. Maybe you guys should raise a ticket. Raise one here.

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Well 7 bat are better than nothing i will take them maybe next month it will be correct i hope

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