Issue with confirmed Referals


Hello, I have been sending my referral link to people, they have installed it and used it for 30 days and now they appear in my Brave Payments Dashboard as “Confirmed” referalls, I have 10 confirmed referalls but i only received the ammount of BAT equivalent to 2.

I understand that we will received the ammount equivalent to 5$ in BATs for each referal, is that right?

Can you help me with this?

Thank you


Hi @Shodexho,

Yes, $5 in BAT. From my understanding, that’s expected. Referral tracking is happened in the background so it may have a delay before it shows up on your dashboard. Or simply, Brave just not paid it, yet. You can check the statement to see how many referral that already paid. :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Hi @eljuno thank you for your reply. I have a doubt about the statements, where can i see how many referals have been paid?

This is a capture of my statement:

Thank you!


cc’ing: @Asad for help on this.


@Shodexho Finalized referral is what Brave already paid for referral. The rest of it may just not yet sent to you, like I said. :slight_smile:


It’s likely that the last few referrals came in toward the end of the monthly payout period and thus missed out on being included in this month’s payout. Balances are “frozen” for a small window of time before each payout date; if a referral was confirmed within this window, its payout will be delayed until the next pay period.

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Hi @Asad and @eljuno, thanks for your reply. Ok, i´ll wait to the next payout to see if they appear on my Brave Payments account and statement.

Thank you guys!


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