Didn't receive update of downloaded and installed in Brave Publishers program?

I refer brave to some of my friends and family. In the Feb, after they download and install, the site update the number of installed and downloaded very accuracy. However, in the March, some of my friends report they installed the app and using it, but I don’t see any update in my the Brave Publisher site. Does Brave stop this program?

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Hi @jack2 - the program is very much still active. It can take up to 48hrs for the graph to update its stats.

Thank you for responding. But it’s been 3 days already and still haven’t updated

same problem happening with me.

Amigo tengo el mismo problema desde el día 2 d marzo la tabla azul no actualiza los confirmados y los que se han confirmado en el cuadro azul no se refleja en el saldo de los bats @steeven esos confirmados se perderán?

Hi @jack2 - I’ve just had a teammate take a look, would you mind refreshing your graph and let me know if the installs still are not showing?

No updates at all today, nothing

@steeven The graph is showing, but the data is from 3 days ago. And the data from graph is not the same the data from the box “promotion stats”

Tengo el mismo problema por aquí, no me quiere sumar nada en el gráfico todo ese problema viene a partir del 3 de Marzo deberían revisar por favor.

yo sigo igual las confirmadas no aparecen ni en la grafica ni en la tabla el usuario que tengo aqui es diferente a el de creator

Hi @jack2 - we pushed a fix on Saturday that should have taken care of your issue. Is your graph up to date now (minus the past 48hrs)?

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Hi all - the fix is actually still being worked on. Please see this post - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.

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