20 download but 0 install?

Hi Brave .

I see a problem with my Brave publisher account. I see a lot of downloads but the install is 0.
I have tried using my friend’s phone to download and install the brave using my referral link. But I see the install is still 0.
What happened to my account?

Hi @Batman88, it looks like the downloads happened today. It can take time for the Instals to update in the stats graph.

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Hiya @steeven! Is there a typical time period it takes to update? I’m about to send an email blast to my list and just wanted to get a general idea. Thanks in advance! :tada:

The statistics get updated once per day every day between 1:30 and 4:00 CET.

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@decades85 Thanks for the info. Cheers! :smile:

It’s been two months on mine. I have 18 download and only 5 installed and 3 confirmed.

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