Don't see update download and install from MAR3 to MAR6

HI Admin!

Please help me! check-update download and install again. Seems like it doesn’t count.

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Seeing the same issue. Looks like the same thing that happened in early February.

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I faced same problem. Please check it.

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Tengo el mismo problema no quiere actualizar a partir de esa fecha hasta el dia de hoy el mismo problema por favor resuelvan para que sumen mis referidos.!!

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@Asad, @eljuno, please check this situation.
My Brave’s publisher account has not updated from 3 Mars to now.
I am sure that my campaign for brave is still running, and a few hundred people are viewing and maybe downloading Brave from my referral link.

Same, my stats has not updated from 3 Mars to now .

See A quick note concerning referral stats not updating

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Thank you for your reply