Brave its not interested to work with publishers anymore

So Brave its not interested work with publishers anymore. How its possible i I receive messages every day for downloads that send me screenshtos, and Downloads its not updated anymore. Gradually you will be less serious and loste not only publishers but also your users. WELL DONE !!!

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Hi @shqiptube - thank you for taking the time to write in and provide feedback. Many users reported an issue with their stats graphs not updating late last week, is this what you’re referencing? We pushed a fix for this on Saturday. Can you confirm that your graph is now displaying correctly? Thanks in advance!

I faced same problem, and It’s still not updated.

Greetings Steeven, no nothing in statistics is being updated its frozen. Referral graph its frozen since 1 Mars. I have youtube channel where promote brave browser in each of my videos, i have 300.000 unique views and totally 1m views. How is posibble immediately stop downloads, while many people downloading Brave Browser from my referral link send me screenshots every day, the other two months i have had downloads every day, to stop people from downloading the browser so suddenly it is nonsense even bat belance its not updated correctly.

Thanks very much

hi @shqiptube - the fix is actually still being worked on. Please see this post - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.

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