Not updating in my publisher page table and payout progress

After there added the march table in my publisher page (where shows downloads, installs,confirms of which group) showing no downloads yet. I doubted there something wrong. And I myself downloaded and install brave from my ref link two times but still it showing 0 downloads after over 48 hours. Pls solve this or reply as soon as possible. last month also a problem of 505 error but it solved but this time is this. And also my payout progress status stuck in generating report not showing prepare - review - progress table. pls reply soon.

I have the same problem

Hi @RRS - can you share a screenshot of your graph and stats? Can take a closer look. Thanks in advance!

Hi @steeven - here the screeen shot. I myself downloaded from my my ref link 4 only test and installed it but it still showing 0 downloads and 0 installs in referral promo status. pls check.

We pushed a fix on Saturday that should have taken care of the issue. Is your graph display now up to date?

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