Downloads and Installs are not counting

Even I downloaded and install brave from my ref link but no downloads and install are counting.
What is going on? Why brave support not replying? My account not suspended so why this is happening? Can any one from support pls check my account?

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same here. plz admin check into this matter

Hi @RRS - can you share a screenshot of your referrals graph? It can take up to 48hrs for the stats to update.

Hi @steeven - here the screeen shot. I myself downloaded from my my ref link 4 only test and installed it but it still showing 0 downloads and 0 installs in referral promo status. pls check it.

I have the same! Since February 25, I stopped seeing downloads, since March 3, and the installation disappeared. What happened?

I’m having the same problem. For 2 days. I am not counted for downloads on the counter or on the chart. Something similar happened in January and I was never counted on all those downloads.

Hi @Difiks and @RRS, I’m currently investigating.

I can’t understand this. Can someone explain me why I get only install not download from yesterday

I have this problems too since almoust 2 weeks.
The confirmed are few, the bat payed are almoust null.
The downloads and the instalations that I keep monitorated with my tools (naturaly in unufficial way ) do not match and are a few …
In all this months this situation has verified before, but never for so long and in this concerning way.
I hope the situation will clear up soon, because I cannot go on for long.
Thanks for your collaboration.

I got the same issue. downloads are 0 from end Feb. its not possible.

Desde el 3 de Marzo tengo el mismo problema no suman los referidos en descarga e instalacion y en la grafica no suma nada, por favor necesito que acomoden eso para seguir buscando referidos para brave.!! Saludos

Hi @Difiks- just wanted to make sure that you’ve seen this - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.

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