Publisher Rewards Not Updating As Usual: Please Help

Hello Lovely Support Personnel,

Our Brave Rewards from referral download & installs do not seem to update automatically as they have in the past. Can support please have a look at our account and try to fix the problem. Thank you. The Referral Link is:

Hello @yogirama! Thanks a bunch for reaching out. It can take up to 48hrs for the stats to update. Are you experiencing a longer wait period than this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Steeven,

Thanks for responding to my comment. Last month the delay happened once, but this month the delays seem to take much longer than 48 hours. I referred several friends more than 9 days ago, yet I did not see credits show up for the referrals.

Thank you,


Hi @yogirama - thank you for the additional info. Is the graph still not updating correctly?

i might have the same issue. i have downloads coming in everyday but for the past 5-7 days downloads has been flat. but there are installs.

Hello Steeven, i have same this issue, i have 3 confirmed on 28 Feb, but my balance is not updated (more 3 days)


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Hi @Rejinderi = please see this post - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.

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