Didn't receive brave reward and brave ads

Hi, I used Brave browser since 3 month. But I don’t receive any reward and ads. When the contribution date appear it brave show insufficient balance and say waiting for next contribution date why?? Also not getting any brave ads. Please help me and kindly let me know, Thanks


@monjursayad Thanks for reaching out! From the post I understand, you are not receiving UGP grants and Not receving any Ads? In order to get Ads notifications IP+Locale criterai should match. Currently Ads are supported for 5 Regions ( US, UK, Canada, France and Germany). Could you let us know which country you live in?
UGP grants are not available right now, that’s why you are not seeing grants in Rewards.


I am from Bangladesh

And didn’t receive previous 3 month contribution

i didn’t received my brave ads reward, its insufficient fund. how/where i can deposit and have reward?