Not receiving ads

I have set up ads for brave browser 12hours ago.But I am not receiving any ad till now

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you are located in what country

United States the location

@gsarvadnya would be better suited to help. Thank you @Siyam009. welcome to the community. i know you understand it is late in cali so she may respond late

@Dgenies How do we win bat token in non-advertising countries? I’m trying to get the right information. Thanks.

@Siyam009 Thanks for reaching out! On which version and platform are you siing this issue? Did you enable the Rewards?

What is the OS (Region) and OS(locale) set in your machine? You should be able to see Ads, if IP +Locale criteria matches. Please make sure your OS REgion and locale should be set to one of the supported country (US, Canada, UK, French, and Germany).


I am using windows10…and the location is US…But no ads yet…I have enabled rewards…

@Siyam009 Thanks for confirmation. Can you share screenshot of Region and Language settings, please?


I think there is an issue with my settings.Thanks for reply.

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I only got brave adds the first day now i don’t get any.

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@Garlic33 Ads should be shown on all the channels, if IP+Locale critera matches. Could you please recheck and let us know on which version and platfrom are you not seeing Ads.


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iI have already been through this and at the end of a lengthy conversation adding images as requested here. I was told I would need to wait for a future (undetermined time), Brave configuration several issues above this one. They closed my ticket and I still do not receive ads. All the best.

@gsarvadnya Thanks for the above mentioned IP+Locale criteria. This might be the reason why I do not get any ads. I live in the Netherlands but my environment / Locale is (US) English. I understand that there needs to be a mechanism to determine what ads can be shown, but IP and Locale are in my opinion and experience very much insufficient.

It is very common in Europe to have people with diverse (EU) nationalities working and living in other countries. And that is not even mentioning / thinking about tourism and travelers. By using IP and Locale this means that all these people will most likely never see any ads whatsoever.

And it totally makes no sense in the global economy. I use US, UK and German sites to research products, buy from webshops all around the world and am interested in products and services that are not even offered in the Netherlands or the EU. But for the EU market it is especially strange: the whole EU single digital market strategy is focused on cross border sales between the member states.

I have no idea how Brave can solve this conundrum, but the number of people for which IP+Locale does not equal viable criteria will most likely grow instead of shrink.

@disfit Thanks for the information. Right now, things are in a pretty early stage. Currently ads are supported for 5 countries. But Ads feature will be supported for more geographies soon. The logic for showing the Ads will remain same IP Region + Locale. If both conditions satisfy only then Ads will be served to the user. As user browse, based on the user interest ads will be triggered from the catalogs. There will be ads catalog for each supported region. Please go through the below docs for more information on Ads which gives lot of information on how are we aiming to bring brave ads to more regions.


I’m also failing to get Brave ads shown now, over the last couple of days. UK based.

I’ve been using brave since March I think, but now from time to time I stop receiving ads… US here.

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Same here…Been using brave for several months now and stopped receiving ads last month

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Any comments from the creators? Is there any reason why this happens?


I have the same problem on my Windows 10 in the UK. On my MAC I can see ads but not on Windows. I have a notifications enabled in Windows. Correct region/locale. Haven’t seen any ads since I started using Brave on Windows 3 weeks ago.

Please help.