Germany - not receiving ads on 2 android devices

Both android 10s, brave updated, not receiving any ads notifications from last payout (5th July)

You are only talking about India being fixed, who can I DM internals to look at it?

Thank you

Hi, in Italy we are facing the same issue… no official replay has arrived from the Brave support team. Only unuseful fixes that do not fix anything.

Let’s be positive and hope they can restore the service like before… ASAP.

You mean replies like these?

I do however like that you’re wanting to stay positive – these types of “issues” are common and often end up not being an issue at all, but rather a result of the circumstances surrounding the users region, how many ad campaigns running in that region, the user’s current ad catalog, their browsing tendencies and a host of other factors.

Nop, I mean the unuseful tips coming from the community, such as turn off/on rewards and change the number of ads to be received in one hour to 1 and back to 5. This is something that cannot fix the problem. Sorry if because of my bad english it looks like I am blaming the Brave support team. I swear that because of the tons of posts I could not see your replies highlighted here.

Dad’s android 8 is receiving ads, but mine and mom’s android 10s are not receiving any ads, that’s why it looked more like a bug to me, but I guess let’s wait a little if it fix itself in a few more days, I hope it will be soon

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