Brave desktop browser don't show any ads

Hello, I have also been getting this issue for over a month now and i’m in the same situation as this guy. I’ve read everything to do with how to fix it from various threads and solutions/FAQ and none of them have worked.
However, I have found a possible solution I stumbled upon on my own, and that IMMEDIATELY gave me one ad. (I never thought i’d be so thrilled and excited to see an Ad LMAO)

When I logged out of Windows (Pressing “Windows + L” keys), then relog a few seconds after; an Ad pops up in my notifications tab on the bottom right corner.
I could repeat this about 3 times within an hour, with about 15mins between each relog, until it no longer functions. (The default ads setting is on the potential “5 ads per hour”).

At one point about 2~3weeks ago I could no longer reliably reproduce this. Only every now and then. Like once every 2~3 days or something very low.

When I relog, the ads show perfectly. It pops up with a sound.
Any idea what this could be?


As already mentioned, I’m having the same issue. The solution that @JetSetz mentioned also worked for me but only a few times. After that it never worked again.

@Mattches Perhaps my above solution could be of use. I tried it on my uncle’s PC who also was getting a similar issue and it resulted the same way. It’s a temporary way around things but needs fixing.

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Why does not Brave say anything about this issue? At least they could reply to this topic and could provide us with new information about this problem. Why should I use a browser like Brave, when Brave Rewards is not working probably? Please fix this problem asap.

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Same here as mentioned here: No ADS with brave
Login/logout doesn’t work. Changing region/language/VPN doesn’t help as well (sometimes it brings an ad, then that’s it). I used to get much more ads than that. Quite annoying.

No answers… :thinking:

Brave doesn’t care about our problem. We still didn’t get any information about this issue and we won’t get it. That’s very sad. :frowning:


@GreenLion @JetSetz,
Can you confirm for me whether or not you’re receiving no ads at all anymore, or just that you’re seeing fewer ads than you have been previously?

No ads.

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There must be something set up incorrectly with your Windows focus assist/notifications settings. If you’ve been able to provoke/see ads then the system is working as intended. Can you double check and ensure everything is configured correctly?

Hey guys, I have been having this same issue for a while now and I believe I found a fix for myself. Ill edit if it stops working though but I have gotten ads to appear a few times now by itself.

Go through your extensions and disable any of them that could disrupt the process. As soon as I did that I had my first ad show up by itself within a few minutes without having to log in and out.


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Which extension did you disable that had an effect?

Skype, Yahoo, MSN, and Secured Search Extension.

All of them needed to be disabled before Ads would display? Or was it one in particular?

Not sure. I just went ahead and disabled all 4 of them because they were not necessary for me. Sorry I cant narrow it down for you.

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My settings are all correct, but I’m not receiving no ads at all anymore. If I check notifications with this website, the notifications work just fine. I don’t know why the brave ads notifications don’t work. Like I said, the Windows focus assist/notifications settings are configured correctly.

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I’d like you to take a look at a certain file for me, if you’re able. On you windows machine, navigate to

C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\ads_service

In this folder, you should see a file called Client (Client.json). Open this file using the text editor of your choice. Search the text (ctrl +f) for lastPageClassification and check to see if there is a value there (note that you don’t need to tell me what the value is, just whether or not it exists).

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Well I would like to say nevermind I have not solved my issue. I still dont get ads unless I log out or log in of my computer. Also it occasionally happens if my computer is idle for a while and then as soon as I move my mouse a notification ad will appear. I’m not sure if you want to know but lastPageClassification has a value for me.

I don’t see a value after, in my case.

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I searched my client.json file, there is a LastPageClassification entry in the file but no value after it, still not getting any ad on the brave browser.

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