No ADS with brave

I use Brave Beta 1.1.1 and brave 1.0 in Switzerland.
I have activated ADS (5x/hour) and crypto wallet but I never had ADS.

I’ve tried with VPN to change my IP to France or Germany but it’s the same.



FWIW, I’m in Germany and I receive about 2 ads per night on my mobile – and not a single one during the day while I use Brave; very weird. On the desktop I get about 2-5 ads during the day…

Oh, and it seems that getting ads is also influenced by the locale settings of your operating system / browser: Questions re time-window / locale settings for Brave Ads?

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FYI; using a VPN to change your region is not recommended – it can cause issues with your ad payout. Please keep in mind that Brave Ads rewards are only granted to users residing in supported regions.

@jackseg which platform are you on? Make sure you’re allowing Brave access to system notifications.

I’m on Windows 10.
Yesterday I have received 4 ADS but I don’t know if I was on the French VPN.
since then, I have nothing left. I’m always on VPN Switzerland with NordVPN

Ok, now I have received 2 ADS in Switzerland. It’s ok.

So I don’t get 5 ADS / hour necessarily? It is random ?

Hi, I don’t receive any ads for this week.
I am in UK. A possibility could be using VPN service twice in this week (to connect to US and Japan), but this is not new in this week. Only new thing is
that I have installed a new extension ‘Consumer Insight Program’ (

Do you think such extension cause this problem?

Hi. Same problem. 4 ads in 7 days only… No ads since the 13/11. I’m in France, with/without VPN doesn’t change anything. Very far from the 5 ads/h which I don’t think I ever achieved, but this is way less than usual.
Second computer with Brave, same problem.
If I can test anything, I’d be happy to do it.

@Asad In regards to VPN use, it would be good to look at this because I will not stop using VPN. I can understand no ads in certain regions, but “issues with ad payout” isn’t really acceptable. Thx

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I reinstall the extension, and now earning from ads. I do not know if this is the exact reason, but maybe to worth to share it.

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