VPNs and Brave rewards

I selected 5 adds per hour in Brave rewards but after about 11 of them no more have appeared in a full day
I have no idea how this issue be reproduced?

I do wonder if my VPN might be limiting the ads I see………?

I would dearly like to have ads appearing on a regular basis

** Version 1.0.0 Chromium: 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)**


I do not use VPN and I selected 5 adds per hour in Brave rewards and I only received 20 ads since the beginning of the month, meaning I didn’t even received 2 ads per day!

Hmmm… I hope someone in the know can help us……… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Amzolt @Diane1 see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads? and let me know if it’s still unclear.


Well, @eljuno , that certainly clears up a few things—in fact, I think someone should provide a link to that info on the Brave rewards page…

I’m still wondering, though, if using a VPN can affect the number of ads shown……… :upside_down_face:

Also, since Brave receives a cut of the rewards, do they let folks know (somewhere…) methods to raise the odds for ads… ?

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Same problem here: No ADS with brave
Stuck at barely 5 ads in 7 days… I use VPN all the time and I change countries all the time as well…

vpn is a nuisance and will provide ads from any country it is set for delivering all sorts of nonsense tryianical stuff to unsuspecting folks who still think the earth is green or other side of the pond being greener

that is pure bs. vpn’s are your friend to help protect your privacy.

@GraveDigger nuisance as in the browser does not yet have the mechanism to provide local ads or campaign meant for the origin country for now it will transport you the country virtually and provide irrelevant ads wasting both the users attention and intended audience meant for the content wasting BAT :zipper_mouth_face:
privacy ? trade cry the next big thing
lots and lots of private data sampled by fast computers with machine intelligence learning delivering nextgen ads creating a whole new market ?

so you’re saying you don’t even have the intelligence to turnoff a vpn when you don’t need it on or don’t want it on. you must be one who’s collecting peeps private data. it’s the only reason to push back against what the vast majority wants, and that is their privacy protected.

intelligence - :cold_sweat:

getting a vpn up and running does require some skills toggling it on and off is no brainier

Molly Holly ! clearly some miscommunication lost in translation
lang not par for the course

yes openbot EVERYONE is more intelligent and honest than you.

I’ve found that Brave Ads will depend on your search history and category likes for ads shown (i.e., personal finance, personal finance-investing). I often like the Ads I’ve been shown to let Brave know I want to see more of the same. Like this:

Also, if your VPN puts you in another country, Brave can’t effectively share ads pertinent to you. That devalues BAT, as the ROI for advertisers is lower.

Be honest with your interactions with Brave, and use a VPN only when you need it. The more Brave can target ads to you effectively, the more successful our community (ans BAT value) will become.

Good luck!

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What if we have researched the online situation and have determined that we need a VPN all the time? It would seem that Brave, so carefully designed to help keep us Private could find a way to work With VPNs?

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clearly stepped on the foot with pointy heels
should stop annoying posts and keep learning
cognitive skills herein are limited up to the ability to adapt to the changes in the environment “ Intelligence is a hypothetical idea cognitive skills can be improved as of honesty it can always be grown !

and i am terribly interested in whatever these folks are upto :hugs:

fist completely ignore openbot, not worth wasting your time on, it’s only goal is to stop peeps from protecting their data. now that said i personally think brave made grave mistake not implimenting a vpn BEFORE adding torrenting capibilities. you can install a vpn yourself either just in the browser or system wide., but that siad i do whole heartedly believe brave should of taken a page from opera and included their own vpn.

exactly none is trying to use a vpn for an explicit purpose simply it is used !

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