Brave Ads appear to have stopped after upgrading to Brave v1.0.0

Hi guys,

Since upgrading to Brave v1.0.0, my ads appear to have completely stopped. I was receiving my “Up To 5 per hour” ads. I upgraded on Friday and since then I have received no ads:

I live in the UK and my locale is correctly set. I have ads enabled. I have the setting of “Up to 5 per hour”. Ads were working perfectly up to 15/11/2019. I use Brave for over 8 hours per day across multiple (hundreds) of sites. Windows notifications are correctly set and remain unchanged.

I have also noticed I have not received a single ad on my iOS device since upgrading to iOS Rewards version, but that’s a separate topic (but mentioning anyway).

Is there an ads issue in Brave v1?


Hi @willstocks_tech, by any chance, did you start using a VPN?

Take a look at this thread here too if you haven’t already. FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

I did. It’s been months I’m using a VPN and never got that problem. Only started since a week +
Now no ads with or without VPN

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Thanks @cryptofloji – appreciate that! I managed to reproduce this issue myself. We’ll definitely look into it ASAP.

Hey @Asad

No - no VPN in use.

No change in network conditions at all. Everything remains consistent, which is what was strange!

Hey @willstocks_tech - Some of this is based on inventory availability and what the model thinks you might be interested in and there’s not always a match. We should be bringing on more varied demand to your region shortly!

Hi @Asad. Appreciate your’re looking into this (FYI I’m in France).
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Many people have issues with ads not appearing anymore. Some say it’s VPN related, others mention it’s due to OS language, Brave language and IP location…
I can tell you none of this matter as I’ve cheated two different computers in two different locations with/without VPN and I’m still not getting any ad.
Something has changed since 1.0 “time” prior in the way your broadcast ads (“time” because one computer is still 0.70.123 and not getting ad as well so I’d say it’s not something in the code between these two versions)

I live in Ireland and since updating to the latest version of Brave I’ve noticed the same issue. Getting hardly any ads these days… which is strange.

Thanks @steeven - I had kind of assumed that this was partially the case, but thought it was strange that I lost all of my inventory matches on the same day as upgrading to v1.0 (as mentioned by someone above, that may be a pure coincidence?) and have had nothing since?

I was seeing easily 5 to 7 varied ads per day (one or two of the same units on occasion) up until the 15th November :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m in France and myself and all the folks I know using Brave (like 10), on computer and on mobile, had no ads since 1.0 launched. It’s just to inform all of you.

I live in the US; same thing i’m getting a couple ads a day but i’m set at 5 per hour. Lol hardly any advertising whatsoever. Two per day is a long ways from 5 per hour.

Yeah, me too. I use Android and it’s been like 10 days now without any ads.

I am also having issues with the ads not showing up on my Desktop (However, I am using “Version 1.1.7 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)”).

I haven’t received ads on the Desktop since November 17th. I am receiving them on my Android, but I never get credit for viewing them on mobile.

For me also the same issue arose! No adds anymore since the update. Which is a pity.

I suddenly stopped getting ads, too. Also, the option to enable ads on Android is unavailable, even though I have 1.5.something and it was enabled for Android around 1.0. Also, the amount of BAT redeemable has increased even though I haven’t seen any ads.

Also, I’m using Brave in Spanish in the US, but I had been getting ads in English, if that makes any difference. I’ve been using Brave Nightly on Mac Os X 10.14. I haven’t been using a VPN.

I’ve used a VPN and I am still getting Brave Ads. Remember that Brave Rewards are available in these certain countries according to Brave’s website. This may be a factor why some may or may not receive it:

“ Brave Ads are available in:

“Check and confirm that Brave Ads is currently available in your region. Currently supported countries and regions include:

  • :us: United States (US)
  • :uk: United Kingdom (UK)
  • :canada: Canada
  • :fr: France
  • :de: Germany
  • :australia: Australia
  • :ireland: Ireland
  • :new_zealand: New Zealand
  • :argentina: Argentina
  • :austria: Austria
  • :brazil: Brazil
  • :switzerland: Switzerland
  • :chile: Chile
  • :colombia: Colombia
  • :denmark: Denmark
  • :ecuador: Ecuador
  • :israel: Israel
  • :india: India
  • :it: Italy
  • :jp: Japan
  • :kr: Korea
  • :mexico: Mexico
  • :netherlands: Netherlands
  • :peru: Peru
  • :philippines: Philippines
  • :poland: Poland
  • :sweden: Sweden
  • :singapore: Singapore
  • :venezuela: Venezuela
  • :south_africa: South Africa.

“We are working to expand the Ads platform to additional regions as soon as possible. Also realize that even in countries where Brave Ads is available, the number of ads seen can vary according to specific demand.”

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I appear to be getting ads again now… maybe it was just an inventory issue? I assume there’s no “## potential ads” so we know whether there’s inventory or not?

I started recieving ads again on the mac. On my kindle fire, which is not rooted(I’ve heard brave rewards doesn’t work on rooted devices for some reason), it said “brave rewards are not available for your device.” FireOS is Android 5 based, & I have the Google Play Store(where I downloaded brave from) & F-Droid sideloaded. I don’t think brave is available from the stock amazon store.