I have not received my BAT expected on the 7th November

I understand we may still receive payments. I still haven’t had my November payment is there a time frame where if I haven’t received by that i should get in touch, if so would it be just a post on here. Is this the only communication we have between brave and a brave user. Thankyou in advance id like to say brave is an awesome experience I’ve never had issues and i have faith it will be sorted. Robert.


@rrichamz (Robert)

This is the link to the payout status. No there is not an actual time frame as to when you will exactly receive your BAT rewards.

Payments are obviously being processed though.

The 7th is when the payouts for rewards being to process, this is not however an indication on when exactly you will receive your rewards. You may also receive your rewards in increments and not one full single transaction. Don’t be alarmed, wait until the payouts are full processed.

I hope this helped you my guy ! GL.

and btw, to specifically answer your question. You would get in touch with an admin, after the payouts show completed and should you then have a discrepancy with the amount received. An admin when available, will then assist you.



thankyou ill give it some more time now then once its been processed ill then get in touch but i believe it will probs be sorted ive never had issues before im sure it will arrive i was just a little nervous as i hadnt seen it dissapear before thankyou doskie much appreciated for the information have a wonderfull night robert

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