Not getting my Brave Rewards!

If I knew you needed my Rewards more than I do, All you had to do is ask!
This is what they sent me in a reply: “Flagged” means we keep your BAT!

Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.
Sometimes your Brave Rewards profiles can be “flagged”. That usually means our systems noticed some irregular activity associated with Brave Ads. “Irregular activity” is activity that would be considered unusual compared to an ordinary person using Brave Ads as part of their overall, everyday browsing experience.

We have reviewed the flag, and your Rewards profiles will not be reinstated. They will remain flagged.

WOW what Rip- OFF!!!

This means they looked closely at your account and was able to affirm that you violated Terms. And if I judge based off of what you shared in February, I can assume to know at least part of what you did. Back then you had a Country Mismatch indication. Keep in mind that part of the Terms says you may not make any attempt to view ads from outside your region. If you had Rewards country as one thing, IP address in another, and/or even a different country on Uphold…it would have easily violated this part.

I’m not sure what else you may have been doing. For example, were you setting up automation or doing something to try to use Rewards to mine/farm BAT rather than just using the browser normally and earning BAT as a small bonus? There are a lot of little things that they measure.

In any case, their decision has been made and will be permanent and they won’t ever give the specific details behind determination.

Mismatch country code is the only thing I know of, all was working fine, until they, “Brave” did some changes or something else, they did with Uphold.
Nothing I did or wanted to do, to mess anything up…

Have you moved around countries/regions or used VPN frequently? Especially to regions outside of the Rewards country you chose?

Of course I use a VPN, even Brave has it’s own VPN, for people to use.
So People that use your Brave VPN automatically get “Flagged” So no BAT for you, or is more like you can use Braves VPN but not Yours, WOW!!!
Were and the Hell is this all written up anyway, “page I don’t know” 196 of Braves acceptance! Only Fair For Sheep!!! Page 1

Key thing was to appear in other countries. Brave has long advised that people should only connect to VPN in their region in order to reduce the chances of complications.

That said, VPN alone isn’t enough to be flagged. But constant use and in a way to abuse the system in an attempt to increase earnings would be a violation. It’s like paying for a movie ticket and the trying to sneak into all the other movies after the one you paid for ended.

In the Terms of Service that we all agree to when creating our Rewards account. Such as in screenshot below:

Clicking that brings you to

And such as when I said you can’t view ads from other countries, that is in that part. You can see the screenshot below, where I also have highlighted the sentence that matters:

Beyond that, a lot of other things all fall into broad categories, which are:

And I could look through to find all sorts of posts and conversations from Brave, but here’s some (with one dating all the way back to 2019):

That’s just some examples. Users have discussed this since I started using Brave around 2020. Examples are below:

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So thanks for the above, seems late in my and other cases no previous attempt to warn anyone…!
What about using the Brave VPN, What happens then…?

Well, Brave VPN is limited on regions and tries to connect you to your own region (or closest one). As to which impacts it has on people,. I guess that remains to be seen.

Brave has actually eased up policy on VPN over the past year, but it still remains a contributing factor. While not revealing the math, I do know it considers the amount of time spent, amount of ads viewed, which country the person is from, and which country the user is viewing ads from. People in countries with few ad campaigns connecting to USA have a higher likelihood of getting flagged as it’s seen as them trying to game the system for higher earnings…just as a small example. But it is generally a lot of factors combined beyond just the idea of using a VPN in itself that leads to complications.

What I’m most curious about is they have been talking about doing on chain payouts for Rewards. This means we’ll be able to earn BAT and receive our payments directly without going through KYC/AML or having to have a custodial account. If that happens, I’m not sure how they will handle regional ads.

I and others have actually been lobbying Brave to make it so they only show ads based on the region a person chooses. It’s kind of dumb to go by their IP address and device locale, especially as many people travel for work or consistently use VPN for a variety of reasons (porn, Netflix, bypassing government censorship, etc). But if not using a custodial partner and no KYC/AML, how will they determine the country? Will they continue to use the current setup of IP and device locale? Or will they make adjustments to it?

There’s definitely a lot of unknowns.

So they kill there own, can’t trust anyone anymore! BIG WOW here I say!
It must be “Brave is”, WOKE!

In the old days when I was in business you had only paper Ads, and you could set map areas, or buy areas if you were with a chain retailer, to set your goals. To-Day It’s impossible to control AD’s in retail, on the WWW it goes into the ETHER, its like how big is the “universe sandbox”, they says it equals all the sand on planet Earth, so try to understand were Brave is in their mess.

There are still rules and regulations on advertising. Governments have been trying to censor and box in the internet. Some governments might allow you to advertise for gambling while others don’t. Or perhaps one government will allow you to advertise junk food but the other has restrictions on it. The list goes on.

Part of the issue here is such as Brave providing ads to people through notifications and all. It’s not like you’re going to a website that was built by Americans for Americans. It’s a service which is permitting people from all over the world to join and view ads in order to earn BAT. This gets regulated in a lot of varying ways, with some governments being much more of a pain than others.

Some of the resources below kind of touch on a variety of ways different governments might be regulating things. Others talk about the desire for regulation and change. It’s a hosh posh of contents. But might be interesting for you to read.

Thats is exactly what I was saying in my last post…
Why would Brave start a “BAT System” in the fist place if they had no control over what they started…
They “Brave,” should of stated in their “Terms of Service”, it’s built only for the Elite, or WOKE, in uncertain terms… and they have the Balls to show the BAT I Won’t RECEIVE, Man thats a BIG SET…

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