When i asked brave support about my payment they said your account is flagged but haven't done any thing wrong why?

I had not received my payment for November or December., When I inquired about this with Brave, they informed me that your account has been flagged, but I haven’t done anything suspicious with my account. i was using Brave for at least 4 years . At the beginning, I got my payment in my Uphold wallet, but after some time, my country was not supported over there. After 1.5 years, brave again started his reward service in India so i connected my brave account to zebpay, i lost 7 bat tokens, and the first payment i got was of 0.912 bAT After that, I didn’t get my payments for November and December, and when I inquired about this, the brave customer said your account was flagged; they even did not mention why this happened. This has not happened in 4 years. Now that this is happening to me, I am so disappointed. Please solve my problem…

Rewards payment ID: f560cb90-fbae-5ea4-86d2-7e1fc1804bf9

@Evan123 please help me

Will follow up in the DM I sent you. Thanks!