Device limit reached. could not verified your wallet

I am getting an error of device limit reached.
I attached a screenshot of the error message.
Due to this error I am not getting payment into my uphold account.
I contacted to uphold, They told me there is no problem with the uphold account. the problem is with brave.
Thank you!


Just try to talk to Browser Support.


I did email on
But they replied this support is not active.
Hence, I posted here…
Experts please try to solve this issues.


There is no way to solve this (Currently). It has a Lifetime cap of 4 devices and can’t be extended.

You can either create a completely new Uphold Account or wait till next month for Gemini to be introduced, it is also similar to Uphold.


Hello !
It is not encouraged to have a duplicate accounts for the security purposes, imaged having 5 passports with the same names and same photos; I do believe somehow it causes a terrible confusion, I think it is the best you talk to Brave and tell them you want to them to delete those accounts and tell them which one you would like to be left with, as well as your email address you would like to use with Brave.

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Ohh lmao, You don’t need same person’s Passports.
You can use your Relatives’.

And when you are talking about Removing Old Devices, I have been trying to contact @steeven Mannnyyyyyyyyyyy times, can’t get hold of him.

Edit- OMG he replied today and they removed my old devices!


I have this limit issue also. I had brave on a work laptop that I turned in when switching jobs. I would love to be able to delete devices as needed.

Good news and I am happy for you that finally they managed to remove your duplicates accounts, I do believe now that your problem came to an end ,don’t forget to notify us when your problem solved.

Actually, this ticket wasn’t created by me… xD

I was trying to help the guy that has the problem…

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Ok now I see…but you should have said so before because I thought it is you who is confronting a crisis, any way like I said just try our tips.

Yeah, @nirav_nirav5 Try out the method I gave, it will work and you will be able to get back your BATs.

And I was just answering this message, if you got confused:

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@ItzMeRajat What are those methods for removing account ???

Just tell them to remove the unwanted accounts, they will do it for you and don’t forget to state the email address associated to them and give them a new email for the existing account.

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You can remove the old devices only if you still have hold of your Old Devices.
I had hold of 2 of my 4 devices so I got them removed.

But, if you don’t have your Old Devices, you can’t do anything other than to create a new account.
And no need to send Mail ID’s as the above guy stated. Go to brave://rewards-internals/ (From the device you want to remove) and copy the Wallet ID of it and send it to Steeven and ask him to remove it from the Uphold Account.

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