Device limit reached, Uphold wallet

Device limit reached | Your wallet could not be verified because you have reached the maximum limit of verified devices.

What can I do to solve this? I have already tried disconnecting Brave from uphold and disconnecting my other computer from uphold wallet and it has not worked.

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same here and I only have 1 brave connected…

You have already connected too many wallets. You could create a new account or wait until Gemini comes in.

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@leoxdj You can only have 4 max lifetime devices at the moment. And there is no way at the moment to delete older ones unfortunately. @Hecbert4258 This seems like some sort of problem you should reach out to a moderator about or contact Uphold because it should not be showing that if you only have 1 device connected.

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yeah i have the sam problem , what to do @leoxdj

@plasmi Can you please tell how i can create new uphold accounts?

they have been working on it a year ago :joy: :joy: :joy: … I too have used up all my login. Only have one left on my PC. Uphold sucks

Wait… you can create a new account??? HOW?? :astonished: :open_mouth:

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