Different Account Error

Hi @Saoiray, I was reading your reply to this thread…

… and was wondering if this device limit solution will also fix the problem when trying to verify a Brave wallet with another Uphold account?

In my case, my old Uphold account was deleted, I no longer have access to it. Now I try to verify my wallet with my new account and it shows me this error. I can’t make a wallet unlinking request because I don’t know what the Uphold ID was for my old account. I’m stuck on this issue.

Hey @helc4991 I had the same issue and I had reached out to one of the moderators he told me this

I followed his instruction and now I have a verified wallet

So if you have anything in your brave wallet DM @Mattches (moderator ).
Hope I have helped you


I doubt it. All this is going to be doing is letting you link multiple browsers to the same wallet. What gets me is if it’s showing you linked to an Uphold account, it would make it seem like they’d be trying to send to it monthly as well. Not sure if you’ve been getting your BAT .

I’m not sure if @steeven and @Mattches would be able to help if you reached out to them with your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals, if you might be able to get that info from Uphold by providing a description of your issue and your information (in other words, not sure if they’d be able to tell you the Uphold ID of the account you deleted), or if you’ll just have to Reset your wallet and start fresh.

If you have little to no BAT in your Rewards, it just would be easier to Reset probably.


Thanks for replying @Saoiray

Actually, my old account logged out of this wallet a long time ago. I have this problem since last year, I hadn’t got any rewards since then, until a few months ago when the “Claim” option appeared and I got 48 BAT which I assume is the accumulated amount of the previous months, however since 2 - 3 months again I have no rewards. My guess is that by resetting my Brave wallet I will lose those rewards and current earnings for this month, of course I try to avoid that as much as possible.

Regarding contacting the Uphold team, I did so a few weeks ago, however they tell me that they cannot provide me with that information.

Is there a chance you can unlink my old Uphold account or give me the old Uphold ID to make a wallet unlinking request? @steeven @Mattches @SaltyBanana @moderators

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