Using same device. Device limit reached?

So I was having problems verifying my verified brave and uphold accounts. Could not get any support so tried to uninstall and reinstall. Following some suggestions I uninstalled uphold and tried to reverify where as I now get device limit reached on a device that should already be authorized. What are my options. Please tell me this is not the end of the road for me. Thanks.

you can use this to reset 1 device Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Thank you for the lead. But i am confused. It asks for the list of wallets but how will I be able to get that address if I had to reinstall brave and also which one will it delete? Thanks

It is basically saying for any wallets you cannot find IDs for, hence the stale devices you wish to remove, tey will delete those ones. You are basically providing the IDs for the ones you wish for them to KEEP. Hope that helps

Thank you. Will get to work.

How long does that usually take? I submitted a few days ago and still nothing

I am not sure but I assume there is a high volume of people requesting this and it is to my knowledge they are working on it in order of received. Some people have claimed to have done this a month ago and still waiting.

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